Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Cabbages and Roses

The new Cabbages and Roses Lookbook for Autumn/ Winter 2010 is a great example of developing a theme in an understated way. The idea of family roots, heritage, heirloom and cultural tradition are all integrated into this promotional campaign very well. 'Old money' sets the backdrop and taps into the current feeling of 'Granny's Attic' and nostalgia. There is a Bloomsbury feel to the silhouettes and fabrics. Vita, Vanessa and Virginia might have liked it a lot.

Subtle details on the garments of mis-matched vintage style buttons, elbow patches and contrasting scales of pattern in checks, tartans and stripes keep the collection young and contemporary whilst nodding to recycling. This is not high risk fashion and anything but inexpensive, however, it is a great example of a contemporary brand leading the upper middle market high street. See some of their work in Jigsaw.

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