Saturday, 30 October 2010

Johnny Porter II - Graduate Student

More images from Johnny's portfolio
Continuing our conversation with Johnny . . . .
How about the teamwork aspect of fashion modelling?

Team work is pretty important when modelling, whether its catwalk or photoshoot. You need to learn how to work with the people around you, listen to the photographers and take direction. Its pretty important to bond with the team especially the photographer. That goes for shooting with other models too.

Any advice you would give to students wanting to break into this line of work?

The best thing to do is find photographers that are willing to work on whats called a 'time for print' or TFP basis. This means that neither you or the photographer has to pay but you both can use the images that were shot. A great website to do this on is, its an international site for anyone in the industry, make up artists, designers, photographers models etc. Try out different shoots and styles and make sure you're showing both editorial and commercial images. Once you have a good enough portfolio, take it or send it to an agency. Most agencies have set days where you can walk in or else information on their site for emailing or posting the images. Be prepared for rejection though, its a tough industry and a lot of people get brought down by it so stay focussed and positive. The modelling industry is really diverse just now with all sorts of models in it, all shapes and sizes but its important to take care of yourself - work out, drink lots of water and eat healthily. Finally, be nice! A booking agent or photographer wont book a model with a bad attitude."

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