Saturday, 9 October 2010

From Hitchcock to Madmen to Prada

Grace Kelly and James Stewart in Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window

Peggy, Betty and Joan in Madmen

Prada A/W 2010

Social influences on the fashion market place . . . .


  1. There is no doubt that television and film have influenced the look that eventually is seen on the street.
    Does anyone remember "The Annie Hall" look? Think what Audrey Hepburn did for the little black dress in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Madonna first influenced fashion, not from her MTV videos but with her East Village look in "Desperately Seeking Susan". I used to pass her everyday for a week sitting in her film chair on the sidewalk, smoking between takes. Nobody cared at the time.
    Jackie Kennedy inspired thousands of knock offs.
    Public figures can start a trend and introduce a new designer to the public, they yield their power on the red carpet.
    While I love Lady Gaga, I do not think everyone is rushing to their butcher shop to run up a knock off, but you have to admit, we thought about it for a brief moment.
    X David, NYC

  2. Welcome to our place on the web, David. . . Madonna as a 'yet to be discovered'? Seems hard to imagine now. In terms of stamina and re-inventing herself ahead of the times, she has done well!