Sunday, 24 October 2010

Jo Dewar I (Graduate Student)

Above: Jo Dewar

I recently caught up with one of our ex students - Jo Dewar, who completed the HND Fashion Business programme, finished her degree at university and is now working in London in a fashion production post. Will add more over the coming week.

1. Where is your current location Jo?

I am on a graduate grading programme at Aurora Fashions Head Office in London. I am working with shared services, so this enables me to work with Karen Millen, Coast, Oasis and Bastyan.

2. Great brands to work with and all have strong, creative flair. How would you describe your job?

This programme is training me in all aspects of working with the marker team, including the grading of garments, producing lay plans and markers which factories use for cutting in the production process and pricing manufacturing costs. Each brand we work with has different processes and paperwork so there is a lot to learn.

Its a 2 year programme then a 3rd year as a Junior Grader then I will be a Grader in the Marker team.

3. How would you describe the job detail and what do you enjoy about it?

I only started 3 months ago but I absolutely love it here! Each garment, pattern and fabric is different so each day is fresh, interesting and different. As my skills develop and the garments become more complex, the more challenging it will get. We use the Gerber computer system which grades and gives us costing ratings. The team I work with is ace and the general working atmosphere is brilliant. Communication is key to success here and everyone I work with is friendly and really helpful.

4. Who is in your team?

I am part of a team of 6. My line manager specialises in Marker Making and ensures we utilise every square centimetre of fabric and reduce waste. There are also 4 Graders / Marker Makers and me. They all train and guide me with the brand processes and I will be taught to grade to the industrial standard by Aimee and Holly. As the Marker team, we need to be in constant communication with the pattern cutters, garment technicians and production for each brand we work with. getting on with people is really important.

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