Thursday, 28 October 2010

Johnny Porter 1- Graduate Student

Shoot with Scott Robb hair salon for American Crew

Above: 2 shots from Johnny's porfolio

Johnny Porter for Rankin Live

Its just a few years since Johnny Porter graduated from our fashion department at Adam Smith College. I caught up with him recently to find out how he was getting on . . .

Johnny, when and how did you get involved in modelling?

I started modelling around two and a half years ago. A radio station had teamed up with Colours Modelling agency to find the 'Face of Scotland' and my Dad entered me. I got through to the finals which involved a fashion show at Ocean Terminal Mall in Edinburgh. They announced the winner and it was me!

What shoots have you been involved with that you are really pleased with?

I have worked with the world famous photographer Rankin for a project he was doing called Rankin Live. He had this idea to go to different cities and have a live photo shoot that people could stop and watch. The whole thing was live – hair and make up, the shoot, the editing. It was really cool. I always look at the picture and think “That dude shot with Madonna!”.

What was Rankin like to work with?

He's a really cool guy and really laid back and easy going. As soon as I walked into the studio set up it was like he already knew me. He has amazing vision and gave direction without being pushy or bossy.

Have you been anywhere interesting through this line of work?

I did a test shoot for American Apparel in New York last year. That was pretty incredible. Definitely the place to be. Next year I'm heading off to Los Angeles to hopefully shoot for Hot Topic.

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