Sunday, 31 October 2010

Non woven textiles - Textile Technology L02

Felted hat by Judit Pocs

Above: Felted hat by Philip Treacy

Non woven interfacing

Look, no yarn! Straight from fibre to fabric. Wet laid manufacturing uses liquid as a medium, dry laid method uses air jets to blast the fibres into a web and the felted method uses barbed needles to mesh the fibres together. Everything you will ever need to know about non woven fabrics is here. Interfacings and stiffeners are the main fashion uses within structured clothing like jacket facings and collars. Shoulder pads and felted hats are other uses and batting is often used in quilted garments or accessories. Disposable garments for surgical purposes are also made from non wovens along with hundreds of non clothing uses.

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  1. The Nonwovens are used in the caps and it makes if look fluffy and smooth.