Sunday, 10 October 2010

Textile Technology L01 Yarn production

HDFASH 1 . . .meet Buddy in a field of Mississipi cotton. You can see S and Z twist and many other tips on Yarn Construction here, spinning machinery here, ring spinning here, fancy yarn manufacture here.

Fleece and recycled polyester is made from reclaimed plastic drinks bottles.

Once you have completed your qualification, you may be involved in fabric or yarn sourcing. Large, successful organisations like Alpha handle a wide variety of fibre, yarn and fabric development. Fibrepartner are a trading company who successfully match consumer need and textile product supply all over the globe. The Japanese excel at research and development. Gunze exhibit innovative fibres at EXPO an international trade fair and seek specialist manufacturers for joint ventures.

From Buddy in Mississipi to the techno textiles of Japan. Enjoy

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