Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Hand sewing - basic techniques

A gorgeous example of the traditional Pearly Queen

Artist: Jane Waggoner Deschner stitches photographs

Hand stitched video tape features

Alabama Chanin: deconstruct and reconstruct T shirts

Basic back stitch which can make a reasonably strong hand stitched seam.

There is an awful lot of information on the internet showing basic hand sewing techniques. Many of our students are interested in the traditional hand techniques that are rarely taught in schools these days. Although not a big part of our curriculum, it is a very easy thing to teach yourself and experiment with, either for construction or decorative purposes. You will improve very quickly and it is a very good way to while away gaps in those winter evenings. Very soon you will be able to customise purchases or 'old ' garments into new ones without a sewing machine.

I know many of you are researching and collating sourcebook material that could include fabric simulations. Why not add one or two of these techniques and research more to add depth and interest to swatches?
The images above use the most basic of techniques but bucket loads of imagination.

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