Saturday, 27 November 2010

Head to head - juxtaposition

Spray paint dress at Alexander McQueen

Upscaled hair

Animal head mannequins

Juxtaposition is important in fashion promotion, display and as a general selling tool. It is a device used by many designers, fashion houses and labels to create drama and grab attention. Whether using different collage techniques in sketches to jigsaw ideas together or a blend of digital and drawing, experiment and see where your imagination can take you. Many collections make the front page of newspapers by shocking the press and daring to be different. Visual merchandisers use the element of surprise often.

In the last 10 years we have had garment collections buried underground and dug up on the day of the catwalk show, garments sprayed with paint by robots as the models took to the runway, amputees modelling mini dresses and slash and burn events to distress the garments in front of buyers. The collections that are subsequently sold by these designers bear little or no resemblance to the catwalk versions but have served their purpose in gaining large editorial column inches that they could not have paid for in advertising. We are inspired by one of our second year students who is contemplating a post apocalyptic take on a classic nautical Spring theme. Catching the eye of buyers, future employers and the public is important for the development of fashion careers. Be bold and creative, always.

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