Monday, 1 November 2010

Textile Technology L02 Knit Fabrics II

1/1 rib structure

2/2 rib fabric

Cable fabric structure

Pringle cable

Rib fabrics are essentially a structure to hug the body. Used as trimmings, cuffs, skirts (hems), necks and full garments, this fabric is super stretchy and firm. Knitted on a V bed machine with 2 beds of needles, the yarn is fed back and forth between the beds to create a fabric that has both face and reverse stitches on the same side. 2/2 rib is 2 face stitches and 2 reverse stitches and is very popular.

Cable is a development of rib structures and involves wider columns of face stitches separated by bands of reverse purl stitch to accentuate the design. At intervals and directions specified by textile designers, stitches are removed from the needles, crossed over to create a twist and returned to needles. This method was traditionally made popular in handknitting and translated for machine technology. The complexity of the designs today are created by designers but technically controlled by computer. The possibilities are endless.

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