Monday, 1 November 2010

Textile Technology L02 Knit Fabrics I

Warp knit faux fur lining on weft knit hoodie

Warp knit structure

Single jersey knit Tees from Hollister

Single jersey circular machine

Single jersey knit structure

Single jersey fabric is widely used in womenswear, menswear and childrenswear for underwear, T shirts, tops, hosiery, sleepwear. As a weft knit, its stretch and recovery properties make it invaluable for garments that require comfort, softness, movement and fit. Fast, easy and efficient production make it the knit manufacturers weapon of choice.

Faux fur is a development of the pile warp knitting technique. Used at all market levels to replicate real fur, the effects can vary widely according to market taste and forecast trends. The Chilean company Zarzatex are a vertical organisation who handle the complete process themselves and you can see from this wee film how fibre is carded, separated into roving and twisted in the spinning process into yarn with suitable strength and flexibilty. Circular knit machines make a fabric construction that makes it smooth on the reverse and looped on the front. You can see wide, open width sheets being fed into a finishing machine to chop / cut the loops to achieve the fur effect before packing and sending to garment manufacturers such as Hollister for all those Dudes and Bettys.

See what Tim Gunn has to say on the subject of faux fur. As Creative Director of US superbrand, Liz Clairborne, he has his eye on the future direction of fashion and although he takes his subject seriously he never takes himself too seriously. Go Tim.

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