Saturday, 11 December 2010

Russian Fashion Week - Masha Sharoeva

Masha Sharoeva Spring/ Summer 2011

We have had more Russian visitors to the blog this past week or two. A look at Russian Fashion Week is relevant for us as Russia emerges as one of the growing economies of the future. In terms of Russia as 'inspiration' on western fashion, think of the cultural references there; history, art, political change, people, heritage, climate and the sheer scale of the land.
One of the great things about fashion is that as they look at us, we look at them. A trade in influences takes place and fashion moves forward. As cultures change and develop, fashion responds quickly. As a career choice, the fashion industry offers opportunities for great creativity, travel, meeting people and learning about new ways of designing, producing, promoting and selling. As a profession, it changes every day. Research skills are key to success as they affect all of these activities and this is what makes it exciting and competitive but you have to keep up!

Many of you are bringing Russia, India and Chinese influences into project work as they appear in the news as the fashion markets of the future. There is a strong appetite overseas for both 'Quirky UK' fashion and the traditional take on the 'British Classic'. Does it work the other way round? Yes. Take a look at the Russian Fashion Week website and be inspired! Masha Sharoeva is an exciting young Russian designer well worth following.

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  1. Love this paper cut style of fashion, wonderful I am inspired!