Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Fashion design

Stella McCartney


Christian Dior

Sketching practice is the only way to improve. Clear and confident lines are an instruction to a factory on the other side of the globe. Supported by a strong working drawing, fashion illustrations should give a clear indication of the silhouette, inner decorative detail, fabric and colour as well as setting the mood and feel of the collection for a specific season.

If stuck for inspiration try this simple exercise. Try designing in small capsule groups to explore a simple topic, eg Black and White.

Black garments with white trims, white garments with black trims, black and white stripes, spots and patterns, black and white fastenings, heavy textures and opaque and sheer contrasts. Out of that little lot you should get 4 or 5 good designs and a tight co-ordinated little group. Hopefully any design blockages you may have had will have dissolved and you can explore theme related ideas from your sourcebooks. Buyers always order more if there is a wide variety of co-ordination possibilities.

Sometimes the ideas come from raw materials such as fabric textures and prints, zips etc, other times from silhouette development or a series of necklines adjustments.

Looking forward to seeing lots of great design work next week as we get back into the swing of teaching for Semester 2. Sharpen those pencils.

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