Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Linen by Swoon Brides

Margaret Howell Linen

Linen loop accessory

2011 linen by Pamela Tang

2011 linen by Pamela Tang

Recycled linen into childrenswear

1950's vintage linen dress

I have been working with linen this week and really enjoyed the Spring feel of the fibre. Linen is a crisp, classic fabric used for many hundreds of years throughout the world. Growing in the damp conditions found in Ireland, France, Russia it originates from the flax plant it is associated with summer fashion because of its breathability and cooling effects. The fibre length varies greatly with quality from 6" to 36".

Linen can be matt or lustrous with a dry handle that is prone to creasing. Modern textile technology endeavours to develop new finishes and blends to reduce this. It is used in many top line collections by major fashion houses throughout the world for its simple, timeless beauty. Many designers layer linen with silk to achieve light contratst in texture. It lends itself well to frayed edging effects, pattern and embroidery. It is widely used in interiors fabrics too because of its durability, strength and surface texture when woven or knitted.

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