Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Graduate Student - Amy Falconer, Stylist II

More from Amy Falconer, Stylist and Fashion PR with Jenners, Edinburgh who studied at Adam Smith College.

4. Could you describe the necessary skills for this type of role?

Fashion knowledge and styling skills are paramount but not all! You do need a good business head and a very high level of customer service. If I am having a bad day then no-one should know about it, especially the clients. I am trained in negotiation skills which is one of the most useful course anyone can do. It can be applied to selling, securing deals and seeking opportunities. Good people skills and strong communication are really valuable.

5. What have been the highlights of your career to date?

I have been lucky but genuine hard work brought me my biggest highlight which was being offered the role of Jenners Personal Shopper. Its challenging to find a good fashion job in Scotland and when I got this, I thought I would burst, I was so thrilled.

Another highlight was styling the first issue of No 1 magazine. Also the BIBA show in Jenners was a big highlight as it was a major show and there were many obstacles and problems to be solved before the event. It was a fantastic success and we received great feedback. I got a bonus too!!

I am also a judge at Musselburgh Ladies Day at the races which is brilliant fun, I love that event. The most recent highlight has been my recent promotion when they asked me to write my own job description. This was the icing on the cake as I have worked really hard for a long time and this recognition means a lot to me.

6. Do you have time for anything else in the fashion world?

We work closely with the council and organisations like Edinburgh Film Festival to create opportunities for the city. I'm currently working undercover on a potentially HUGE fashion event that will put Scotland on the fashion map. Watch this space . . . . . .

Amy, Thank you for your time and enthusiasm.

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