Saturday, 23 April 2011

Antique Textiles - Lace Craftsmanship II

We have also been lucky enough to inherit a few sets of top quality, antique linen sheets that I made into duvet covers over the spring holiday. The square trims are all hand crochet with drawn threadwork embroidery edging both the sheets and pillow cases. The detail in the whitework is stunning and a great example of the value of hand craftsmanship used in years gone by.

Although these are very old indeed, they have been in regular use throughout their lives and I am thrilled to now have them, having slept on them for years during visits to my husband's family. They are in fantastic condition and will give many years of use in the future .

Linen is cool and smooth to sleep in and ideal for the warmer months. It is easy to care for if ironed whilst damp then fully aired. Linen is very durable and will keep for many years if looked after well. The handknit socks were another holiday project in alpaca and silk yarn using a Japanese slipped cable and garter stitch.

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