Saturday, 23 April 2011

Antique Textiles - Lace Craftsmanship

ERDEM Lace dresses

Having qualified and earned my living as a Textile Designer for many years, our house and attic is stuffed with yarn, cloth and garments that I cannot bear to part with. I have antique patchwork quilts, navaho blankets and allsorts of items made from fabric, that I love on a daily basis.

We recently inherited some family textiles to add to my trove that are around 120 years old and in beautiful condition. The first pieces of note are a pair of antique, cotton lace curtains about 2.5 metres long made for an enormous window. They were deep yellowish brown when first unwrapped but washed up very well, by hand. The work within them is astounding and I fell very priviliged to have them. The family are unsure where they came from but there is a Nottingham connection, so perhaps they are linked.

As it is Royal Wedding Week, lace may be topical? Erdem have championed this look too for this season. Am I more on trend than I realised?

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