Saturday, 28 May 2011

Visual Merchandising

Barbie becomes 'Festival Barbie' pierced and tatooed

Tents, barricades, ipods, chakra

The Visual Merchandisers

Customised sunnies and sand

Sunnies and sounds

Venice Beach LA

Pre display photoshoot to use as backdrop

Our NC fashion students have planned and created glass showcase displays as part of their Intorduction to Display module. The brief was to incorporate a 'Summer Vacation' theme for fashion accessories interpreted in any way they wished.

This particular group love music and festivals and have chosen headphones, sunglasses, rollerblades and chakra jewellery as their accessories of choice. These students have a great sense of humour and some of them incorporated that into the work to create quirky and interesting focal points for the 16+ year target market. They worked together as teams to prepare props, backdrops and products. Lots of fun and laughs was had yesterday as the stories unfolded. Many passers by stopped to have a good look and a chat about their work. This is the purpose of display so they were very pleased. Looking forward to more next week.

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