Monday, 27 June 2011

Backstage Pass I

Ready . . . ..

Steph. Ready . . . .

Sarah. In progress . . . .

Amanda. Final touches . . . .

Anita and Joni. Final touches . . . . .

Susie briefing Natasha who stood in for a model who couldn't make it, one hour before the show.

All Photography: Hazel Terry

The end of year HND show at Adam Smith College showcases student work from a wide variety of creative courses including Furniture, Animation, Art and Design, Visual Communication and Fashion. This year, with student input, we planned and held 2 mini shows before and after a Hair and Beauty demonstration.

The buzz within our packed Atrium space helped prepare the students for the fast environment that is todays fashion world. For students who complete their qualifications and move into the industry, showing at a Trade Fair like PURE relies on your ability to focus on the final look, not be distracted by whats going on around you and use teamwork to ensure the collection is launched in a way that grabs the attention of buyers against fierce competition.

During London Fashion Week, where labels show 'on schedule' or 'off schedule', there is a frenetic period of time before hand where it all has to come together successfully to meet show deadlines. Usually the show is over in 15-20 minutes and may have cost £250,000. It has to be right.

Many thanks to our Hair and Beauty Department where NC students successfully prepared a stream of student models quickly and with grace.

Many thanks to Hazel Terry for backstage and front of house reportage photography.

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