Sunday, 26 June 2011

Miranda Williamson - HND Fashion Design and Manufacture 2011

Fashion: Miranda Williamson. Photography: Walter Neilson

Q1. Hello?

Hi, I am Miranda Williamson, 20, from Kirkcaldy in Scotland UK.

Q2. What has inspired your recent college collection?

My collection 'Skeleton Heart' was inspired by all things dark and gothic . . . .death, skeletons, graveyards and so on.

Q3. What will you take with you from your time at Adam Smith?

Awesome friends, having fun in a creative environment and learning lots from some amazing tutors.

Q4. What's next for you Miranda?

I'm off on an adventure into the scary big world. Looking forward to it but not sure yet where I will end up.

Q5.What advice would you give our future fashion students?

Be inspired by everything and everyone!

Thanks Miranda. We will miss your creativity and strong sense of self. Your ability to listen and absorb then go away and produce something fab is what fashion is about. Good luck.


  1. loving this little ladys work was defiantly one of the stand out collections as it was last year miranda's defiantly going to be the next L'enfant terrible!! be doing a photoshoot with her soon and featuring it on my blog.

    love another ex student
    Rosie @

  2. Hey Rosie,
    One of our students, Fraser Moodie, is coming to Gala to do Fashion Communication too in September. Can I interview you for our Blog too? I usually use Facebook to do this. I'll click you , if that's ok. Christine