Monday, 18 July 2011

Graduate Student - Roisin Ferguson II

Fashion: Miranda Williamson. Styling and Photography: Roisin Ferguson

More from Roisin Ferguson, currently studying BA Fashion Communication at Heriot Watt University and a gradute of the fashion department at Adam Smith College.

Q4. Can you tell us a bit about your recent adventures?

I have had an amazing few months both styling and photographing. Working with photographers I admire has been inspiring and showcasing the work of creative designers is always fun. I have been working with signed models and talented hair and beauty teams which have added to the experience enormously.

Being asked to take part in a variety of events, both large and small, all help me gain key work experience for entering the fashion industry professionally. There is not room for students on this course (BA Fashion Communication) whose whose hearts are not IN fashion and anyone who picks it as a trendy course will get a shock. It is hard work and lots of effort goes in to getting yourself out there and noticed.

I believe that the wider your circle of fashion friends, then the more opportunities will come your way naturally. Working with lots of talented people leads to genuine friendships as well as working relationships. In turn all of that hopefully leads to further opportunities in the future.

Q5. Please tell us about more about your coursework.

Most of the projects we have been given are exciting, for example creating a fashion magazine to go into print. This really made us appreciate the depth of planning and work required as well as the pressures behind the vast array of magazines continually in production. Its all about deadlines, teamwork, communication and taking responsibility for your own output. It is very hands on and realistic which makes it both valuable and worthwhile.

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