Saturday, 17 September 2011

Concept paper visual merchandising

If you are out and about in Edinburgh, Glasgow or Dundee this weekend please take your camera to record any interesting techniques used to attract attention to fashion product. These may be useful in design development or promotional campaigns. The above windows were spotted last Sunday and there were lots of people walking past then going back for a double take. Thank you Clarks in Princes Street, Edinburgh.

These displays are refreshingly hand made and authentic using recyled books in a unique way to draw attention to the shoes. This prestige technique is more usually used at the higher end of fashion. Because of the materials used in a specific and creative way, the mood created is both classic and extreme at the same time with a strong vintage /retro influence.

This approach to display is both experimental and costly but the effect it creates speaks volumes without using garish price promotions and plasticy graphics. Standing out is important during a recession.

Through lots of group discussion this week, we all agreed that the high street and much of fashion aimed at the youth market is BORING and needs imagination and creativity to improve garments and promotion.

What do you think and how can you reflect this in your project work?

Fashion is all about structured investigation in relation to specific objectives and all about effort.

Please act now and be bold. Good luck!

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