Saturday, 24 September 2011

Figure drawing and fashion

Lovisa Burfitt

Lovisa Burfitt

Helena Kruczynska

Its great when students want to expand their learning and this week a group of HND1 students asked if I knew of a figure drawing evening class running that would give them some fun, downtime and improve their drawing skills for fashion. As we are currently full to capacity and timetabled morning, noon and night we don't currently appear to be running something like this, so I asked other class groups if we could get something going who would be interested?

Delighted at the flurry of hands we will try to support this request as best we can. The beauty of it being extra curricular and outwith their structured NC, HND1 or HND2 course, is that all levels could take part which lets all students mix, experiment and get to know one another in a positive environment.

I am really excited at the prospect of the first Fashion Link classes. There may be opportunities for a few ex students to get involved too which in turn creates new friendships and mentoring possibilities. Please be patient fashion students as we have an expert figure drawer in our Fashion Link team. Hazel is supremely talented in analytical drawing field and a professional art lecturer within the Art, Craft and Design team at Adam Smith College. Her Art Room Plant blog is not fashion specific but is still a wide resource for fashion students during design development. We want to set this up properly, it will take a bit of time.

Using what she can teach you about observation, line, shape, direction, texture, rendering techniques and experimentation for the figure can really supplement your more fashion specific drawings that you need to create in your design units. Expand your portfolios and get better results in your coursework by attending. Remember that fashion drawing and fashion design are separate activities and better drawing skills, lots of practice and learning will help you progress.

There is a great wee post about this type of activity in the Creative Boys Club. I can highly recommend the Basics Fashion Drawing book too and its currently nearly half price. It fully explains the role of observational drawing to support fashion illustration. One for the Christmas list of any fashion student.


  1. I think these extra-curricular fashion link classes are a great idea...and its fantastic that students are really interested! textile background and education was led by drawing and the ability to "see" the world around and life/figure drawing is a great discipline...

  2. Thanks for your support Anita. The students are going to be sooo busy this Semester and should produce fantastic work. Christine

  3. I am really looking forward to taking these classes just let me know when!