Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Graduate Student - Katy Bell II, De La Sole

On the eve of our college graduation, I am delighted to be back in touch with Katy Bell, graduate student of HND Fashion Business Adam Smith College and Heriot Watt University, BA Hons Fashion Design for Industry. Katy has recently opened her own store, De La Sole in Rose Street Edinburgh.
"After graduating, I was keen to get some practical retail experience to help me progress towards my goal of self employment and running my own fashion boutique. I began by working full time at Oasis, then progressed to concession manager of Dune. Although selling and meeting targets was fulfilling, I was very keen to get back to creativity and as I love footwear and sport decided to open a trainers boutique with a difference. We are big on customising and are building a Gallery of Trainers which has been popular.
A future project I have in mind is to give plain trainers to different artists for customisation and display the results in our store with a booklet of each artists work giving them a city platform to sell their work. I am also keen to convert the fashionistas who avoid trainers."
Good Luck Katy.

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  1. Im sure that we'd love to be given some trainers to customise!