Wednesday, 23 November 2011


am I comfortable in my skin?

sonic swimsuits

abnormal accumulations

haraS - Sarah Milne is an emerging Glasgow based textile artist who uses fashion as a means of expression and whose work deals with conventions of beauty, gender roles and ‘non-identities’. Her work seeks to challenge the normal notions of the body through the use of materials, ornamentation, and by augmenting body shape.

Sarah studied textiles/printing at Glasgow School of Art and has a Master of Design, Textiles as Fashion. Since graduating she has become a member of sound and art collective 85A. The 85A Collective are an emerging group of multi disciplinary artists that in recent years have been working alongside and/or supporting one another in provocative shows and collaborations. An ongoing theme of the group is the exploration of presenting projects in disused buildings, forgotten spaces, and the sideways of mans environment.

This makes for really interesting fashion shoots and highlights the connections between the body, garment, space and the environment.

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