Saturday, 12 November 2011

Margaret Oomen - Resurrection Fern

Thimble-sized micro gardens

Clolour and measurement

Scale, layering, motif.

From inspiration and raw materials

to this

and this

Ressurection Fern is the blog run by textile artist and rural physician Margaret Oomen. Authentic handwork is a very popular in high fashion right now as a backlash to years of economic growth and mass production with many stores creating collections that have been too similar for too long.
This is a direct reference to the 1970's when during the Middle eastern Oil crisis under great austerity, we protested against government policies and many listened to glam rock and wore crocheted lurex to escape our woes. Punk later became the backlash aginst this time as problems escolated. The 1920s, 40's, 60's, 70's and 80's are all influencing fashion right now as we look backwards through rose tinted glasses for a warm, cosy nostalgia fix.
Recent natural disasters in Turkey, Pakistan, Japan as well as the UK involvement in war and subsequent terrorism have all affected fashion hugely. We are learning about this in NC, HNC and HND classes. Basic human needs of shelter, food and clothing connect us to the world and help us place ourselves within it and to each other.

Todays buyers are faced with international economic gloom and unpredictability. They are looking for innovation, authenticity and originality in fashion design at the moment whilst predicting and purchasing for coming seasons. Although price is important, consumers are spending wisely and need versatile clothing with a strong look to give inner confidence and add excitement, optimism, drama and glamour. Please take this into consideration during fashion design sourcing development. Its a great opportunity to be inspired . . . .

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