Friday, 4 November 2011

Missing you already . . . . . .

L-R: Hazel, Christine, Elinor, Susie, Maureen, Ann, Anita.
Foreground: Bryan

L-R: Maitland the Marvel, Susie
There were tarts, tears and tiaras today in the fashion department as Susie prepared to begin maternity leave. After a short but meaningful speech, Bryan generously offered to stand by having previously delivered several litters of puppies. Grateful for the safety net, Susies managed to glide her way through the day and was last to leave the building as usual. We are all going to miss this hard working woman and many laughs were had with staff and students over a farewell lunch. There is an office sweep to see whether Maitland will be in the maternity ward before Susie.
Many thanks to Hazel for the gorgeous chocolate tart and bakewell and for running around early this morning to purchase a cherry tree to mark the forthcoming happy event. Haste ye back Miss Finlay.


  1. What an attractive team CR the CH x

  2. we will all miss you Suzi, but looking forward to meeting your new baby...its time to get the knitting pins out fashion girls!

  3. Will miss you Suzi but you are soon to enter the most exciting time of your life!! Hurry up!!!!