Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Pattern Anatomies

As HNCs are wrestling with pattern manipulations for mysterious dresses, I thought this might inspire!...originality doesnt come easily...fashion students who want to stand out from the rest (and there are many!) have to play around with ideas and develop techniques taking them into other realms...this doesnt come quickly...you have got to spend time experimenting and trying out the new techniques that you are learning...part of the process is through making mistakes and seeing the potential in the accidents!...although most of what we do in the practical classes has to be done in the studio, and our time is precious, you really should be experimenting with pattern drafting and especially manipulations at home - thats where the 1/5 scales come in!...
and as this video shows there are other ways that you can experiment and play around, and record the process...(ps. what a great activity for NCs!)