Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Graduate Student - Gerda Kritt

Gerda Kritt
It was fantastic to welcome back graduate student Gerda Kritt to the college this week. Having only left us eighteen months ago, Gerda, who hails from Tallin, Estonia but has the best Fife accent, was enjoying a mini Easter break in her second hometown, Kirkcaldy.
She kindly came along and talked to a group of fashion students who enjoyed hearing of her responsibilities as Head of Visual Merchandising for store openings with M&S in Tallin. Gerda has VM'd brand new stores in Czech Republic, Latvia, Finland and Lithuania and heads up a strong team.
The students had great questions about heading in to the fashion industry with an HND rather than folowing a degree programme and Gerda assured them that hard work, committment and enthusiasm were what her particular Estonian employers needed most. She speaks 6 languages, most of them fluently, which is key to the geography of Estonia.
Also key to fashion success in Estonia is the cultured population. Tallin was European city of Culture last year and has a beautiful, ancient Old Town. Key to product and fabric selection is the extremes of climate, where minus 25 degrees is 'normal' for Winter and fur is worn for insulation and aesthetics. Summer temperatures can peak at plus 30 degrees.
Headhunters have offered Gerda a new post with a German brand Tekko in Tallin and we wish her lots of luck in her new store manager and VM position there. Read more about her here
It was great to see Gerda again, she is looking fabulous. Thank you! x

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