Saturday, 12 May 2012

NC Fashion: Introduction to Display

 NC students worked under pressure and in small teams this week to plan, create and dismantle a showcase display. The theme for all was 'Summer Accessories' and the teams were to interpret that in any way they liked within the constaints of a glass display cabinet that could be used vertically or horizontally, with or without shelving.The team above used ' 4 scenes' including a bikini top as a hammock and had a beach theme running throughout for day to evening wear accessories. Products included sunglasses, shoes, sandals and jewellery. It was fun, lively and bright. Well done!

This team above used the case as a whole to create a wider scene to promote sunglasses. Reflective materials, a metallic catwalk and hologram card props added futuristic glamour and the display was an innovative and original interpretation of the theme. Very focused, young and funky. Well done!

This above team had international romantic dreams and took their two part display to Paris for a wedding proposal theme. Diamonds, rings and heels were their key products. The students problem solved extensively to create the scene as they ran into a few problems whilst assembling in the case but they successfully pulled of this ambitious idea using their imagination and working together without falling out. Well done!

When this group told me they were going to make a model of the Trevi Fountain in Rome and a New York Times Square street scene, I advised them to plan and prepare as much in advance as possible. They did exactly that to great effect. 'Weekend Break' tourism and fashion go hand in hand and these students above wanted to get a daytime wandering through Ancient Rome feel to one part of their display and a 'Living it up in Times Square' at night feel to the second part. They even included the doves. jewellery was the main product. There were challenges on the day but they also met their goals, amended their plans and succeeded using lots of detail. Well done!

'Beach Living and Festivals' was the theme developed for this student group using themed props they owned already or made to fit in with the theme. This was a sophisticated and well laid out display that had just the right amount of focal points to keep the fashion customer interested in the wider picture. It was young, funky and packed full of jewellery product shown in different and innovative ways. Problem solving included trees, tents and sand but again, it all came together really well. Well done!

This group prepared well in advance using balloons, paper mache and bunting to have a 'Summer Dreaming' feel. Sunglasses and jewellery were displayed in a bold and vibrant way using colour to set the mood and hand-made bunting to link the focal points. Problems presented themselves on the day that could not have been foreseen but the students interacted well and resolved any challenges until they were all pleased with what they had achieved. Well done!

Congratulations to every single one of you. Every team member was there, you worked hard and contributed both in advance and on the day. NC Fashion students are just great! Proud.

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  1. Some great displays :D well done X Hazel X