Thursday, 17 May 2012

Secret Wardrobe II

More from Jackie Mitchell-Winter of Secret Wardrobe in Kirkcaldy . . .

Q4. How do you keep existing customers interested in Secret Wardrobe?

Constant change is the simple answer. The shop will not look the same 2 weeks in a row. The window must be interesting and draw customers attention. New stock arrives every day.

Q 5. How do you attract new customers?

Local advertising, Facebook, Twitter and word of mouth.

Q6. You are very active using fashion photography and styling to project a particular feel for your company, is this fun or an organisational nightmare?

Absolute FUN.. Once you have done it once, it's never a chore. I love it and the people I work with make it so easy as they are true professionals.

 Q7. Fashion is about working with a wide variety of people. Who do you work with?

 Lots of different people make it more interesting and the more networking you do the more exposure you get.
i.e Photographers, models, local college (yourselves) charities, local newspapers, hotels, local businesses and other events companies.

Q8. Current fashion trends and vintage- how do they work together?

Amazingly well. I think this is due to celebrities who strive to impress by looking different. This allows others to do the same by experimenting with the different looks. I try and incorporate this whenever I do a fashion shoot and it always works.

Q9. What is happening now and in the future for Secret Wardrobe?

A. Right now things are on the up with the amount of hard work I put in. I do lots of Vintage Fairs (most weekends) and of course photo shoots, Facebook is a great networking tool as is the website.
For the future - I would love to expand and grow the brand name of Secret Wardrobe . Go global!!

Explore Secret Wardrobe here. . . .  .all photography by studio46

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