Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Secret Wardrobe

We are hugely fortunate in Fife to have a specialist fashion boutique that brings vintage glamour to the Fife coast. Situated very near to our main St Brycedale Campus in Kirkcaldy, Secret Wardrobe is owned and run by Jackie Mitchell-Winter. She recently hosted Work Experience placements for some of our final year students. I caught up with her between vintage fairs and fashion shows.

Q1. Could you describe the concept behind Secret Wardrobe for those who are new to you please?

Secret Wardrobe started as a clothing agency, selling garments for others on a commission basis. Within a few months, I started to sell vintage pieces which quickly became so popular with younger clients that I dedicated half the store to this. Now, I buy vintage from all over the world to sell in Secret Wardrobe. We still do the pre-owned Designer and commercial high street stock but this mix works for us.

Q2. Paris, Milan, New York, Kirkcaldy? How do you manage to run a fashion business from Fife?

Sometimes with difficulty but good marketing is the key. Word of mouth has been Secret Wardrobe's secret to success! I am eternally grateful for this and it really is powerful. I do lots of charity events, vintage fairs and fashion shows, hold discount evenings at the shop and of course . . .facebook and twitter.

All photography by studio46

Q3. What previous experience did you have in fashion that led you to this point?

I have worked in fashion retail since leaving college. I learned so much as a Visual Merchandiser for large department stores in Scotland and London. This passion led me to open my own business.

Thanks Jackie, more to follow soon

Explore Secret Wardrobe's website here

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