Saturday, 16 June 2012

HND Fashion Show 2011/12 Pt II

The final post showing a selection of photographs of the HND Fashion Show for 2011/12 that took place on Thursday evening. A short video of the show is being prepared by technical staff and as soon as I have a link, will create a further post on Fashion Link.

Mysterious by Laura Groves

Mysterious by Rianne Miller

Mysterious by Kendra Rough

Mysterious by Julie Greig

Mysterious by Ashley Walker

Modern Luxury by Caitlin Harley

Mysterious by Melissa Ash

Mysterious by Ryan Kirk

Mysterious by Susan Briggs

Mysterious by Theilay Cook

Mysterious by Jada Murray

Mysterious by Nicola Doran

 Mysterious by Katie Robertson

Modern Luxury by Anna McAvinue

Mysterious by Jenna Makein

Both trends are live industry forecasts from the fashion arm of Confederation of British Industry (CBI). Used widely by the home and export markets, the students are challenged to interpret the forecast and create interesting and commercial pieces that bring a uniqueness to a middle market brand of their choosing.

Our courses mirror the fashion industry process. Learning about target markets, customer profiles and the zeitgeist influences on the consumer, generate a wide breadth of ideas and concepts. They have freedom to develop and experiment as they wish in consulation with design and production staff. The students then research and develop theme, colour palettes, silhouette and style features and make fabric selections before embarking on pattern development and construction. Turning all of this 2D work into a 3D garment piece is the ultimate challenge for the students. In other classes they are learning about concept development, textiles, fashion buying, store layout, marketing and promotion.

Imagination and creativity is key to success but working within price and commercial constraints is liberating in terms of squeezing the maximum from the brief. For many of these students, these are the first garments they have designed and manufactured. For the rest, it's their second. In the middle market level survival is all about making an initial impact and following through with themed collections and high quality standards for the price. We are so very proud of how the students have learned from each other and been so generous with their constructive criticism during class work presentations.

Here we see many budding fashion entrepreneurs and one very vibrant, commercial and creative collection. Many thanks to all students, we couldn't have done it without you. A special mention goes to Steve, our technician whom the staff and students respect and adore. The engine room would not function without him and he is patience personified.

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