Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Fashion Illustration for the new term . . .

Above: Antonio Lopez

Above: David Downtown

Because fashion illustration is such a huge part of studying within a fashion programme, students spend a lot of time finding and practising their unique style. It is important to have a visual identity as a designer but always to be respectful of the staff who will be actually making the garment in a production capacity. A fashion drawing is a tool to produce an initial prototype. We have written about different aspects of this previously for new and returning students  here , here , here and here.

Above: Francois Berthoud

Garment construction needs to be seen as clearly as the overall aesthetic mood of a collection. Currently, digital fashion illustration is commonly used by clothing producers to ensure accuracy and consistency in the manufacturing environment.

Hiroshi Tanabe

However, as students seeking to progress with their fashion careers, hand skills are essential to master in early student days to add variety and flavour to portfolios and create different moods. Looking at the work of others helps to develop an eye for what you think works well and what doesn't. The artists selected here are all hugely successful with very different personal styles.

Above; Tanya Ling

Above: Daisy de Villeneuve

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