Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Innovative Pattern Cutting

Hi everyone...I am currently studying on the IPC course at central Saint Martins in London. Its great being a student again instead of the tutor!...There are 16 students including myself on the 9 week full time course...Most of the students are from overseas, travelling from other countries such as Australia, Iceland, Brazil and Italy to take the course, such is the reputation of CSM and the lure of London as a place to study and work in fashion. Many are hoping that on completion of the course they will be able to look for jobs either in their own countries or in London as pattern cutters, some hope that the skills learnt will help them develop their own collections, and a few are aiming to go on to work in education.

Over the past five weeks we have been exposed to different tutors, most of whom are practising pattern cutters in the industry, who have taken us through a range of different approaches to pattern cutting from the diagnostic method to creative approaches such as modelling and draping on the flat.

One of the aims has been to break down the barriers that some students develop from the text books method of pattern drafting, and to introduce other ways to find pattern solutions. Great importance is placed on being able to look at design sketches and to be able to break the image down to analyse the shapes and construction lines of the garment so that a pattern can be made. The process can be one of trial and error, with the construction of the toile being a key part in developing the pattern.


  1. Great to hear what you are up, to looking forward to seeing you when you get back.

  2. Enjoy being on the other side of the delivery for a while!