Sunday, 18 November 2012

The Fergusson Gallery, Perth

I recently took a trip, 40 minutes north, to the city of Perth to visit The Fergusson Gallery. The refurbished water works now houses a collection of the works of Scottish Colourist JD Fergusson and his partner of 50 years, Margaret Morris. The circular display makes for an interesting visit.


A contemporary of SJ Peploe and FB Cadell, JD Fergusson painted in the early part of the 20th Century from Kirkudbright in Dumfriesshire, Edinburgh, Devon, Paris to Antibes on the French Riviera.
 The Margaret Morris Movement
Dance Costume by Margaret Morris

Morris costume with Fergusson artworks

Margaret was a well known dancer who championed a bohemian lifestyle. She became Fergusson's muse, appearing in many of his works and inspiring an enormous body of work during his lifetime. They moved together to France where they ran courses in dance and painting in the long hot summers. Fergusson taught Margaret to draw and paint. She designed many ballet and theatrical costumes, produced many ballets and theatrical dance events and lived a long and colourful life.

Sculpture and Painting by JD Fergusson

The Fergusson Gallery offers a fascinating insight in to the life of 2 artists steeped in their own obsessive love and creative need for each other but also shows how together, they created a lasting legacy for future dancers and artists. You will see early newsreels, costumes, props, sketchbooks, drawings, paintings and sculpture.  I recommend an hour there this winter and follow up with a visit to the nearby Perth Museum and Art Gallery also well worth a visit.

Colourist SJ Peploe is the subject of a current major Edinburgh exhibition at National Galleries of Scotland, Modern Two.

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