Thursday, 31 January 2013

Graduate Student: Gail Weir

Gail Weir is a graduate of HND Fashion Design and Production with Retail at Adam Smith College who articulated to study Fashion Management at  Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen. Now in the last semester of her final 4th year degree programme, I caught up with Gail to pick her brains on behalf of a few of our current students who have offers to study there next year.

This is what she had to say that I feel would be really valuable to our current HND students. . . .

"The night life is really good, very student orientated through the week but it depends where the students are coming from as to how they find the city. In terms of how challenging the studying is? It is definitely a notch up from college and a lot of self discipline is required.  You do not have the same close relationship with Uni lecturers due to the multitude of people in every class, however as you progress further (4th year) you do start to establish a base. By no means should this imply the lecturers at Uni are not helpful because they are but at Uni you are expected to use more initiative to solve any problems first off and the last port of call should be them.

The facilities are amazing, really nice buildings and huge library with everything you could need, and as for extra curricular activities such as hockey specific to me I have thoroughly enjoyed playing and the sports building is brand new with a good sports ethos throughout the University.

We were supported from the placement office sourcing our placements but they were very limited offering small boutique shops in Edinburgh etc. I had stated early on I wanted to be in London, which was ambitious, so knowing me I went out and sourced my own with Katie Rowland Jewellery, for three months. We had choice this year to do a 6 week or 12 week placement, I chose the 12. If you opt for the 6 you come back to University and do a group work fashion show. I wanted more time in industry and even extended into my summer with my placement, with opportunities of LFW and even Paris which was amazing!

The work load kicks up every year, speaking of which I am now in fourth and do feel pressure but its good pressure. I am really enjoying it still and it also goes so fast, as we are now in semester two our last semester EVER! Some classes are favoured over others but there are always things you like and dislike, like most aspects in life. In fourth year you have core modules and other options you are able to choose which I think is a great thing to tailor the course more to what you want to do in the future. I highly recommend Aberdeen and RGU."

Many thanks to Gail for her advice and good luck with the finals! x

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