Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Calico Experiments

I asked the HND creative students to make up a basic calico dress with sleeves and then to treat the dress in some way to change the nature of the calico...here are some results...

Ryan washed the dress in the machine to create the frayed effect at the hems and seams, then he soaked it in coffee to age it and finally he twisted it up and left it to dry.

Kendra's dress for little Red Riding Hood was dyed with red food colouring then it was ripped and cut into as though Red was caught in the branches of the trees as she fled from the wolf.

Kerrie, boiled rose petals and then wrapped them in the hem of the dress and left them to soak into the fabric with colour and perfume...beautiful
Chloe experimented with flame under controlled conditions and burned the hem of the dress...she might continue with this around the other edges of the dress, or working with what she has learned about the materials reaction to flame, she might control the effects to a particular area of the garment.

well done you four for taking part in the activity!

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