Thursday, 14 March 2013

Guest speaker Lesley Cuthbert

Centre: Lesley Cuthbert M&S

Our HN year 1fashion students had an insight into the world of Store Styling and Visual Merchandising today when Lesley Cuthbery, Store Stylist and VM specialist with M & S, paid a visit to the fashion department.

As part of the Fashion Merchandising unit, students learned about window display techniques, sequential seasonal sellers and killer categories. Lesley works in the Gyle, Edinburgh store, a Grade 1, flagship retail outlet and gave the student a first hand account of her working day and the importance of creativity, research, communication, teamwork and hard graft. She focuses on theme, colour, shape, repetition, texture and balance in relation to current trends, brand image and customer profiles every day.

Starting at 6 or 7am each day and not leaving until 'the job is completely finished', she explained the importance of having an eye for detail using photographs of  a window display that she had created for the store that had deliberate errors for the students to critique. This type of activity is often used in job recruitment interviews and gave a flavour of the world of work to the students. Lesley showed a variety of images of her work and explained the store styling role within the womenswear department for prestige labels like Autograph.

Many thanks to Lesley for her informative and interesting talk to the students. Much appreciated.

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