Thursday, 11 April 2013

The House of Annie Lennox, Edinburgh


There is a great, insightful exhibition on at The National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh until June 2013. Fashion students, music lovers, divas of the eighties, please try and catch it. Curated by Annie Lennox with the V & A in London, the exhibition displays her performance wardrobe archive with metallic highlights by Anthony Price for duets with David Bowie and also includes leather and tartan by Jeff Banks.


As well as costume from 1980 to the present, there are pieces from Annie's personal archive including her Grammy, Oscar, Brit Awards, iconic eye masks, lyric notes, and a short film discussing the reaction to a straight female star wearing clothing usually worn by men and playing with feminist gender roles. Inspired in the early Eurythmics days by artists Gilbert and George, Annie later portrayed a more flamboyant style inspired by Toulouse Lautrec in her lavish videos.  These can be seen at the exhibition with some great photography.


Annie, from Aberdeen, has had an immense impact on musical performance, song writing and her choice of clothing when in the public eye always sends a message and draws comment. She uses this well to reflect her own thoughts and experiences as well as championing political causes she supports.

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