Friday, 22 November 2013

London Bell

It's always great to hear from our graduate students and this week I was really pleased to catch up with Colin Bell who recently moved seamlessly from HND Fashion Design and Production with Retail to Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen, Year 3 Fashion and Textile degree programme. These photos are from 2 projects finished in the first few weeks of term there. I asked him what they represent. . . . . . .

"I am always looking for the beauty in repulsion and  as a student its important to identify who you want to be as a designer. I don't particularly like this world, therefore I create my own with my designs. I have a strong focus on raw material, leather and the colour black."

"Antagonism -  The aim of this project was to transform a product from a charity shop into your own design. I bought 3 XL menswear white cotton shirts from Oxfam. I deconstructed all 3 shirts and played with the pieces to create a silhouette I was happy with. I used every panel from all 3 shirts as I wanted to focus on “zero waste fabric” inspired by a workshop I attended at Fife College by designer Julian Roberts. The silhouette was beautiful but not to my standard therefor I wanted to introduce a harsh element and that's why I selected cocktail sticks - rustic, sharp and with an excessive amount they proved antagonising."

Periodontal - The headpiece above was inspired by a combination of mouth disease and skin disease. I merged lupus (inflammation of the skin) and gingivitis (inflammation of the gum tissue) together to produce “Periodontal”. I looked at the textures of the decaying inflamed flesh and how it grew around the tooth. I then constructed the headpiece from black leather and treated it with a binder to produce the textile - using acrylic teeth as the final detail, I placed them on the headpiece around the mouth and other near by areas to demonstrate the effect of a deformed mouth.

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