Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Graduate Student: Jess Kennedy

Jess Kennedy is a graduate of Fife College Fashion department and kindly gave us an insight into her recent endeavours.

L-R: Jess Kennedy and Louise Horsburgh

1. What have you been doing since you graduated from HND Fashion Design and Production with Retail?

After graduating from the HND course at Adam Smith 4 years ago, I became a direct entrant into the Fashion Marketing and Retailing course at Heriot Watt University in Galashiels. It was a very quick few years at University and I can’t believe I’ve now graduated! This year I have been working hard to save for a big move to Oz at the end of May.


 2. What were the main benefits of coming to college before going to University?

For me, most importantly was the support and learning I received from the lecturers at college. I really learnt a lot through the feedback provided at college. I left school at 16 feeling under confident but joined the NQ Fashion Business course at Adam Smith knowing I had a passion for fashion. Chrsitine and the rest of the fashion department really believed in me, and the teaching was SO valuable that I was able to transfer a lot of college-learning to help at university. The HND Fashion Design and Production course is fantastic, it gave me a broad knowledge of different aspects of fashion which helped with choices made at University. Oh, and I have definitely made friends for life through the College course!


3. How did your time in India come about?

During my third year of University, I was told about the opportunity to move to India for a semester and be taught at a University over there. I could not miss this chance! I applied and got accepted to study Fashion Styling and Image Design at The Pearl Academy of Fashion in New Delhi. India is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Culturally very different to Scotland the experience broadened my mind and developed me personally as well as academically. Being mixed in a class with girls and guys so determined to make a success of Fashion in India really was inspiring, especially being within such a colourful and lively culture. India is well known for its textile heritage and beautiful fabrics, right now there is a strong movement as the country to develop the fashion industry. I was given the opportunity to work at Delhi Fashion Week and visit Mumbai which allowed me to experience this first hand.

I highly recommend to any student going to University to take a similar opportunity to go abroad. Not only did I get to enjoy a new city but it really focused me in my final year of study at University, I decided to do my final year’s dissertation around the topic of India’s strategic approaches in the fashion industry. 


4. Please tell us about any fashion experiences you have had that stand out.

During my final year of University I decided to take on an internship at Fashion App ‘Mallzee’ in addition to my studies. As a start-up company it was a fantastic experience to see them grow from the beginning to where they in terms of current success. I was working with the team when they launched at London Fashion Week which was great.  We worked hard spending a week visiting various bloggers and magazines to promote the app, which paid off when I got to see a couple of shows! The company also recently featured on Dragon’s Den!

I was overjoyed when I was given an award after graduating for Best Fashion Marketing Student – my greatest achievement to date.  This meant travelling to London and attending a very posh event where I was presented with a medal and cash prize.


 5. What would your dream shoot be?

Tough one! Kate Moss will forever be my ultimate favourite model - so it would have to include her! Maybe somewhere tropical? Rihanna’s fashion shoot with Harpers Bizarre in Australia was pretty cool! The options are endless!

6. What is next for Jess?
I’m moving to Sydney at the end of May, I decided to make the move on a bit of a whim! I hope to be there for at least a year. I am still very determined to have a job in fashion so I have been applying for jobs right now, and have a few interviews lined up, so fingers crossed! Any experience in Australia would be great!
7. What is the main appeal of fashion magazine work for you in Australia?
Fashion magazine work isn’t an area I have previous experience in, although it has always appealed to me. I like the fact that fashion magazines reach out to such a large audience.  My passion for magazines actually started on my daily train commute to college from Cupar to Kirkcaldy! I got a little addicted…I like that magazines have scope to be very different every issue which appeals to me as my thoughts evolve and there is potential to be a more creative thinker. So much happens at a fashion magazine, and every day is different, I’m excited at the prospect of being involved in the madness of it all.

Thank you so much Jess and good luck on your travels down under Jess x


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