Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Places still available for fashion at Fife College

Interested in starting your career in fashion? There are available places at Fife College on NC Fashion Design and Manufacture and HND Fashion Design and Production with Retail. Apply via Fife College website now. Please share!

Monday, 15 June 2015

Fife College Fashion Students 2015 Ellen Fairnie


The collection ‘Oxygen’ is originally inspired by the cbi ‘Varsity’ forecast for Spring/Summer 2015. This was interpreted as an ‘Oxygen’ theme focusing on the respiratory system and how the body changes during sports such as running and football. The tonal palette consists of white, black, blue and red. The collection has an overall sporty and energetic vibe.

Fife College fashion Students 2015 Cherri-Louise Massey


This collection ‘Team Spirit’ has been inspired by a variety of American sports uniforms & equipment. It is aimed at being brave with the use of mesh features for sleeves and stripes which are bold and daring. The colours are clear, bright and fun. The ‘Team Spirit’ theme has been transformed into something unique and preppy.

Fife College Fashion Students 2015 Nicolle Pawyza

This collection ‘Aquatic’ is based on the underwater coral reef and looks at the different surfaces and sea creatures living there. The focus is on the style feature front hem and rear godet to reflect the shape of a clam. Bright and vibrant colours are used that shimmer mainly in pink and teal.

Fife College Fashion Students 2015 Kaye Springham


The collection ‘The Caravan Club’ progresses the ‘Varsity' predicted trend for Spring/ Summer 2015. The theme re-imagines this sporty trend through a nostalgic, quirky modern version of yesteryear holidays at home. It is inspired by the curved shapes and everyman plastic interiors and accessories of a 70s caravan to create an overall happy holiday aesthetic. Using zesty pastels and handcrafted textiles, a moment in time is clearly expressed.

Fife College Fashion Students 2015 Lisa Buchanan


The collection ‘Outpost’ is inspired by the fall and rise of a post-apocalyptic world and the need to survive. The colour palette is dark, moody, with bold undertones of red and green. The garment features structure that reflects the need to re – build.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Fife College Fashion Students 2015 Ania Cunningham


The New Bohemian

My collection was inspired by bohemian culture and Its origins back in 700 AD, when the land presently known as Prague was called Bohemia, ruled by the Queen Libuse, who promoted equality of women and men. Those were times when people lived in sync with nature, and days were dictated by the sun and the moon. Wiccan beliefs, herbal medicine and magic spells were part of everyday life.

The overall mood is magic and mysterious with artistic flair and feminine power.