Thursday, 21 August 2014

Fife College Fashion Department welcomes YOU. . . . .

We warmly welcome lots of new students to the fashion department at Fife College this week. Enrolment is underway and classes begin on Monday. . . . . 

There are still a few places left on NC Fashion Design and Manufacture and HND Fashion Design with Retail and its not to late to apply. If you are interested please apply online asap using the online application forms on the Fife College website here.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Fashion Futures - BBC at the Quay

Sunday 3rd August was the date for a prestigious fashion event showing the cream of Scottish fashion talent from our colleges and universities. Celebrating Scottish fashion education as part of the Commonwealth Games,  Fashion Futures was held at BBC at the Quay, on the banks of the River Clyde and organised by The Scottish Textiles Academic Group. Fife College fashion department was delighted to be involved.

Fife College - Ryan Kirk's Collection

Fife College was represented by 2 recent graduates of HND Fashion Design and Production with Retail. Liga Lazdina, has just articulated to Edinburgh College of Art fashion department and Ryan Kirk who articulated to Heriot Watt University. Both are continuing their education in the field of fashion design and manufacture.

Fife College - Liga Lazdina's Collection

The show finale was an archive collection by Scottish fashion designer and graduate of Glasgow School of Art, Pam Hogg, who counts Lady Gaga amongst her clients. Overall, the event was energetic, innovative and highly creative and will soon be available to view online. Photography by Liga Lazdina.

Pam Hogg's Collection

Thursday, 26 June 2014

HND Fashion Design and Production with Retail. Fashion Show 2013/14

 Shara Stevens - Jungle Queen

Shara, 2nd from right with her Jungle Queen Collection. Shara is heading to Heriot Watt University and BA Hons Fashion Technology. Bleached velvet, leopard satin and PVC were all used to create contrast.

Shannen Glashen - Tribal Safari

Shannon Glashen, centre, with her Tribal Safari Collection. Shannon was inspired to fringe, spray and distress garments this year and use herringbone textures with linen to develop textures.

Hannah Shanks - Bright Spark

Hannah Shanks, right, designed her Bright Spark Collection to explore the origins of life. The reflective fabrics selected, contrast well with transparency. Hannah is continuing her studies at Heriot Watt University on BA Hons Fashion Technology.

Eve Walker - Carnival

Inspired by the contrasts within voodoo and the lifestyle of Rio, Evie Walker, centre, printed fabrics to represent sin and atonement. Her Carnival collection completes her time at Fife College but Evie joins a group of our fellow graduates at Heriot Watt University, BA Hons Fashion Technology.

Photography by Hazel Terry

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Annie and the Mannequins with Topshop, Edinburgh

Wonderful news today as Fife College Fashion Graduate student Maria Cox and her twin sister Steph, prepare to launch with Topshop in Edinburgh. Annie and the Mannequins are already an exciting and experienced online fashion brand.

Read more about their story here

Watch this space for further news. . . .  Huge congratulations to Maria and Steph!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

HND Fashion Design and Production with Retail. Fashion Show 2013/14

Charis Wiltshire- Tribal Being

In the recent Fife College Fashion Show, Charis interpreted the story of Robinson Crusoe to develop her textile based collection. Using many techniques to embellish, manipulate and shape the garments, the Tribal Being collection is representative of Charis' imagination and creativity. She graduates from HND Fashion Design and Production with Retail and heads off to Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen in September.

Armani Younes - R u Jelly?

Armani is heading to Heriot Watt Borders Campus to study BA (Hons) Fashion Technology. She has explored the relationships between transparent and opaque materials inspired by soft food ingredients like marshmallows, jelly all in candy colours.

Lauren Grieve - Exotic

Lauren is also heading to Heriot Watt to study BA (Hons) Fashion Technology and showed an Exotic collection inspired by jungle flora and fauna. Using distressing and bleaching techniques, she played off print, plain, wrap, tuck and texture.

Liga Lazdina - Homeland

Liga Lazdina is continuing her studies next academic year in the fashion department of Edinburgh College of Art. Her Homeland collection experiments with texture, sewing techniques and colour. The natural volcanic forces of Hawaii contrast well with the huge surf power of the Pacific Ocean.

Photography by Hazel Terry.

Thursday, 29 May 2014

make pompoms not bombs!

The work of a group of adult learners who have been taking a step into the world of fibres, fabrics and fashion, learning techniques and getting crafty over the past semester...

 how to take measurements on an alternative mannequin!

learning to knit and work with colour

nice sleeve!

the final fitting and hand stitching techniques

 the best pompom makers in Fife

making a statement 
and adding some colour and joy to the campus

Friday, 16 May 2014

NC Fashion students - Display

NC Fashion Design and Manufacture students spent a busy day today, executing showcase displays planned in previous weeks.

Using a 'Summer Vacation' brief, each group interpreted a theme to merchandise fashion accessories.

Prep, plan, prep. There were constraints and challenges in terms of space, light and time, just as there are in industry. Everyone was calm and worked well together to produce excellent work but it was fiddly and nerve wracking.

A 'British stay-cation' theme offered diamonds, pearls, cherry blossom  and vintage china for ladies who lunch.

This display was light, fresh, fun, elegant and the perfect Spring Break.

Successful students who worked outside their normal comfort zone groups to add further challenges to the task.

Le Weekend a Paris. This group focused on European romance, sightseeing and sophisticated accessories using a day to night theme as the main concept. This made us all want to fly off for a glass of red on the Champs Élysées.

Lenses, frames and flowers add glamour.

Successful students who had lots of detail to organise and balance. They coped well by making many adjustments to their plan giving them lots to evaluate later.

Finally we headed south to Egypt and a theatrical concept using a dark and mysterious approach. Gold, jewels and pyramids drew in spectators who appreciated the amount of work in building the pyramid props and amazing fabric drapes.

Nile blue velvet and Pharaoh stone. Dazzling riches showed creativity and prestige.

More successful students, happy that it turned out so well!

We had so much fun planning and creating these displays and the students learned a lot about themselves and each other whilst doing this. Like all group assessments, there are highs and lows whilst the plan unfolds but all exceeded their own expectations and gave solid and honest feedback to one another. Using glass shelving, china, pins, hammers etc present health and safety challenges, especially whilst working in a busy corridor but I'm happy to report all are safe and sound with no incidents.

There is much to write up and evaluate now that the task is over but I am so proud of this group and will remember today for a long time as one of the highlights of the year. Many thanks to all the staff and art students who fedback valuable comments to help the fashion students develop. Well done, that group!