Monday, 27 May 2013

Sarah Morbey Flat Pack Fashion

"The fashion and textiles sectors of industry have a reputation for being inherently wasteful and bad for the environment. I want to challenge this perception and raise awareness of the issue through textile surfaces for fashion. I am exploring the secret life of waste, finding beauty and intrigue in mundane and discarded objects. Utilising materials available to me including industrial and household “waste” I have created a collection of flat pack pieces that can be positioned on the body as garments. The materials I have used include plastic, leather and metal. Combining traditional and modern techniques I have re-purposed these materials into beautiful wearable surfaces. Each piece is a one off due to limited materials available and the nature of the design. This in itself encourages the pieces to be valued as unique works of art." Sarah Morbey

Sarah Morbey has just graduated from DJCAD in textiles and has made some wonderful translucent and modern 'collage like' pieces from waste materials.

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