Wednesday, 6 October 2010


Below: Circular sashiko design on indigo fabric, Above: Sashiko stitches on patterned and plain fabric by fairybread.
Below: Kimono's from the Sashiko Exhibition at the Collins Gallery Glasgow 27th Feb- 10th April 2009

Sashiko is a traditional form of Japanese textiles. Sashiko textiles are made by layering fabrics and securing and decorating them using simple running stitch to build up pattern, texture, strength and weight to domestic textiles and clothing.

Traditionally sashiko was practiced by peasant workers who were only allowed , by law, to wear clothing that was indigo and they were limited to very simple stitched designs. As a result of this strict regulation on their clothing the people became very skilled at using the limited resources available to them to make clothing and quilts of incredible complexity, individuality and beauty whilst adhering to the limitation's placed on them.

The simple running stitch is called rice stitch as it resembles grains of rice, the designs created by this simple stitch become amazingly intricate and decorative.

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