Saturday, 18 December 2010

Yeonju Sung

Yeonju Sung creates images from food dressed up as fashion. Stunning basques and dresses that can never be, captured only in a photograph a metaphor for the fleeting fickle quality of fashion. Yeonju is interested in the lie that is photography, photography as make believe.

"I drag out the types of images that can only exist in my mind and imagination into a reality and yet, it eventually disappears. I have physically made these images but they are the creation of illusion and ultimately what you see is the images of phantoms. My works remain as the medium of photographs, and it holds the time and makes us believe that the creation does exist in the real world." Yeonju Sung

Images from top; eggplant, lotus root, shrimp, fungi, tomato, red cabbage Thank you Dom

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