Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Maria Walker

Maria Walker is an artist who invests her work with memories choosing to use materials with a history of people including, letters, photographs and here she uses old clothes. Using textiles that have already had a former life with someone means that they have that persons personality and being worked through their very fibre, their smell, their wear and tear and stretching. Here Maria has been experimenting with using text with the garments to illustrate found letters. I thought these samples were very interesting and such techniques could be used in fashion design.


  1. Hi Thanks for including my work on your blog. Can I just point out that my name is Maria - not Marina. My Exhibition is on at the Brindley Art Centre at Runcorn until the 17th September. I am putting more images of my work on my Blog www.marieantoinettescorset.blogspot.com and also on my website www.mariawalker.co.uk
    Maria xx

  2. Thanks Maria, and thank you for all the extra links.