Monday, 26 September 2011

Sow's Ear

Marion of the Sow's Ear Studio is an amazing self taught fashion designer, who upcycles old kilts jumpers, scarves and tablecloths into amazing clothing items. A dynamo of creativity who came to fashion through an awareness of the toxicity of the modern fashion industry.
The quality of the vintage fabrics upcycled is key to this designer as is the whole process of transformation. A beautiful fabric formed into an 'unfortunate piece of clothing' can be given a whole new existence in Marions studio.
" I make clothes because I could never find anything I felt like myself in or that fitted me. I love vintage pieces but they don't seem to work on modern bodies. Working on the premise that everyone wants to feel attractive in what they wear and true style comes from feeling comfortable in your threads, i favour bias cutting which affords free movement. With an innate aversion to man made fibres I use silk, wool, cashmere, mohair and linen, deconstructing vintage and pre-owned garments, curtains, bedspreads etc, to free up beautiful materials which have been locked away in deeply unflattering styles. Working directly on a mannequin I build a new dress/sweater/coat which is informed by any interesting features from the original donor garment (maybe keeping a pocket or patch of embroidery) but which has a unique new identity. My clothing must be flattering, comfortable (no tight waistbands reminding one of how many biscuits . . . Sow's Ear on Etsy

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