Saturday, 1 October 2011


">Spaksmannsspjarir "We're inspired by our surroundings, the colours and textures of the Icelandic environment and of course the people. Our goal is to design classic, utilitarian, yet beautiful and unique clothes that can be worn for years, rather than trend-based pieces. Our items not only work well together, but can be used in a multitude of ways. You can dissect a garment into many pieces and piece it back together for a completely different and yet cohesive look.
The concept of "reformatting" our clothes allows for the adaption of the wearer's individual style for different occasions, an idea that we have used from the inception of the brand. We are extremely conscious of the amount of energy used in garment production. one of our main aims is to lessen our eco-footprint by using high quality textiles . . . for us, it is about the quality not the quantity.
Spaksmannsspjarir struck a cord with me, because they are reinventing historical classical forms as modern fashion. I own a denim, full length skirt with a bustle, that I wanted to wear for our fun and humour day. It may not be fun and humour to the innocent by-stander but to me, I love the way this garment is a new spin on an old fashioned design, and it is great fun to wear. (thanks)

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