Sunday, 22 January 2012

Block Party: Pattern Cutting Embraces The Future

Above and below: Simon Thorogood labels his work 'Phashion' a phrase to embrace Simon's processes of conceiving and transforming ideas for fashion from disparate sources.
"Pattern cutting is about creating form for the body. It is a transitional process in which the ideas and themes behind garment or collection begin to directly address the human form. It is the coming together of the abstract and the practical and where a concept becomes alive and animate". Simon Thorogood.
Above and below: Richard Sweeney "Pattern cutting is integral to the generation of form in my work. Firstly, a 2D pattern is drawn and then cut and folded to produce a 3D form. The form is unfolded, then traced to form the next more refined pattern, the process continuing until the ideal shape is reached."

Above and below: Rubedo is an art practice and a think-tank founded in 2005 by Laurent-Paul Robert and Dr Vesna Petresin Robert who have worked together since 1994. With 'Audiomorph’ they explore the space of the body in relation to its environment, where transformation is driven by sound parameters; the crystallised sonic pattern becomes a wearable architecture answering the question 'can I wear my song?'.

Above and below: examples of Suzanne Lee's Biocouture, who's work has already been discussed on Fashion link
Above and below: Philip Delamore Philip has moved to the space between fashion and technology, which is becoming one of the most important areas for future hybrid culture, he is currently interested in creating fashion that is a three dimensional seamless skin.Developing technologies such as laser cutting, 3D printing and interactive design has opened a whole new tool box. The pattern no longer is a two dimensional shape but becomes an animated being that evolves complex three dimensional forms. Philip Delamore, Suzanne Lee, Lucy Orta, Rubedo, Richard Sweeney, Simon Thorogood are the featured artists of this part of the exhibition.

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